As an Integretive counsellor I am able to draw upon different theories while working with you as a client as I am aware that all clients are different, they have different needs and some theories may not work for some clients.
I will work with you in a supportive way, listen carefully to you and help you gain a clearer understanding of your feelings and ways of behaving. We will work together, at your pace, to enable you to find a way forward that is right for you.

I don’t give advice or make judgements about how to change things, but help you uncover your own insight and understanding of your problems providing you with the tools that help you to resolve them.

Some comments from previous clients:

“Thank you so much for your help in guiding me through a very difficult journey. I can’t even begin to explain how much it has helped to have a safe space to discuss things I haven’t been able to talk about before. Thank you for creating that safe space. You have made a real difference to my life. Thank you.”

“Having the space and time to discuss my bereavement and finding ways to include my dad in my life.  Debbie was great – insightful, friendly, compassionate.”

. I could not move forward.  Since seeing Debbie weekly I am now able to go forward. Thanks to Debbie’s time and patience she released many emotions inside of me.  Without the support I don’t know where I would be – Thank you very very much.”

“Thank you for everything, for listening, and letting me cry!”